San Francisco Public Golf Alliance


Since my son’s freshman year on the high school golf team in 2005, I’ve been involved with the San Francisco Public Golf Alliance. It’s a group of golf enthusiasts who’ve worked together to keep Sharp Park Golf Course from the hands of a group of environmentalists who sought to close the course and turn it into a wild life preserve.

Once a year the golf alliance holds a tournament at Sharp Park to remind the public that the course is always in jeopardy and requires stewardship to stay open.

The 2018 tournament is May 26, 2018. Entry forms are here.

We created a promotional video, to support the alliance, narrated by Mr. Bo Links.

Promo Video

Promo videos for companies and individuals is a fun part of my work. I get to work with interesting clients to collaboratively tell a story. We shoot video, photos, and provide a variety of audio and lighting tools to bring the story to life.

We did a job with a club piano player and singer who I’d worked with in the past. She wanted to put together a promotional video for DVD and the web that she could use to secure engagements at bay area venues. We used a local performance venue with wonderful lighting. I provided multiple audio recorders, and two camera video coverage. Here is a sample of her video.