Do Your Thing – West Coast Dance Conservatory

This was my third year working with West Coast Dance Conservatory’s owner and Artistic Director, Angela Holmes. We recorded five performances with two cameras and created DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, and digital downloads of the performances. We included a montage from each performance.

The video below is a montage from the Saturday/Sunday 5 PM show. There were a lot of exciting performances, with some exquisite work from the company dancers. Thanks to Ron Ho for a great audio feed and creative lighting.


Tribute Video (aka LifeTime Video)


My studio won two national awards from Home Video Studios Inc, for best This is Your LifeTime video a few years ago. These were projects I did for customers who had lost a loved one and wanted to honor their lives through photos, video, film, narration and music.

I started video taping my parents while they were still alive and healthy. We took time to record them reminiscing over family photo albums, talking about when and where photos were taken and sometimes arguing about it; a microcosm of family life.

I have better equipment and greater skill now than I had back then, but it was a blessing to get them recorded. I can share their story with my grand children who will not have had the pleasure of knowing them.

I miss my parents. I am glad that we were able to honor them in this way.


Promo Video

Promo videos for companies and individuals is a fun part of my work. I get to work with interesting clients to collaboratively tell a story. We shoot video, photos, and provide a variety of audio and lighting tools to bring the story to life.

We did a job with a club piano player and singer who I’d worked with in the past. She wanted to put together a promotional video for DVD and the web that she could use to secure engagements at bay area venues. We used a local performance venue with wonderful lighting. I provided multiple audio recorders, and two camera video coverage. Here is a sample of her video.